As the Garden Grows 2/4/14

Here comes the sun…da da da! The day heated to 87 degrees and rubber boots got pretty hot as we worked to dry, unclamp and roll freeze cloth for storage until the next cold front. The spaces between the raised beds can dry and picking vegetables just got a lot easier. We are looking forward to planting many rows this week to take advantage of this heat wave and encouraging the plants to grow fast.  All the rain and then the back to back cold fronts sent the plant growth into an all stop.  The greenhouse is packed with trays of transplants waiting for the sun.

Seed companies understand how important early childhood gardening can be to a life of sustainability. Ed Hume Seeds produces a “Children’s Garden” seed packet with assorted easy to grow and fast blooming flower seeds. These packets combined with a small trowel, weeding prong and gloves would make a wonderful gift basket especially when presented in a flower pot. When exuberant children race through our gardens from row to row there is joy among the plants. Please support your local community gardens. Take children to visit farms. Expand their understanding of local foods.

This Saturday should be great weather to play on the playground, tour the gardens and drive the pink tractor.

See you then!

Lee Solomon, Chief Gardener

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