As The Garden Grows


“When the world is mud-luscious… and… puddle-wonderful.”(E.E.Cummings) Spring rains have come again and again and again creating joy for gardeners when the sun peeks through the clouds and the winds blow not so gently to dry the puddles. As rains fell on Monday I was carrying a huge tote of our Artisan Mix lettuce to the processing area when something skittled under my feet. While yelling to others to come and witness this phenomenal crawdad, I tried to keep it midstream in the River Green Box.  The backyard garden pond now has a very large enough to eat crawdad in the mud below lots of mosquito fish.

We have started seeding all the squashes, cucumbers and 400 okra plants in the greenhouse in preparation for planting.  We will be testing two new varieties of okra grown in our area by a friend of the farm and local farmer. Baker Creek heirloom seeds has a Burgundy and Stelley okra which grows long and slender and remains tender even at 12” long.  We will grow the classic Clemson Spineless which works best for making pickled okra.

Visitors to the farm have asked how long the vibrantly colored Artisan Mix lettuce will be available.  If our current weather pattern holds and we do not get temperature 85 degrees or above for extended periods we should be able to offer lettuce until about the second week of May.

Come and visit us soon and enjoy organically grown lettuce mixes through the spring. See you soon!

Lee Solomon, Chief Gardener

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