As the Garden Grows 04/30/2014

When tomato plants start to put on lots of new growth, summer weeding conversations usually wind around to the fruit or vegetable question. The April/May Organic Gardening magazine sheds some light on the tomato.  Botanists declare it is a fruit due to the seed-bearing structure which develops from the flower. Chefs include the tomato in their selection of vegetables. It should be noted that squash, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers are also fruits botanically. So as you enjoy summer meals of ice cold cucumbers and tomato slices atop a salad with lots of peppers of all colors mixed among the lettuce, remember you are getting your daily ration of fruits.

The recent days have been so hot many winter crops are sending up beautiful stalks of white or yellow flowers.  This week we still have kale available so be sure to enjoy a chilled kale salad before the summer heat catches up with it.

The summer squash are just now setting their first fruits so it won’t be long before you will find them on our Farmstead Saturday table. Sweet Georgia onions are being brought from the field by truckload, cleaned and stored while waiting for you to scan and for magnificent onion filled recipes.

We look forward to seeing you on the farm. I will be available this Saturday to talk gardening. See you soon!

Lee Solomon, Chief Gardener

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