As the Garden Grows for 05/08/14

ONIONS-Onions and more onions. We have so many onions we have just about exhausted the storage space. So to celebrate they are on sale at $1.50 a pound. Our gardeners have worked hard to get the soil just right in Goldilock’s fashion and voila it worked. The Sweet Georgia onion, as it is called when not grown in the county of “Vidalia”, Georgia, range from ¾ to 1 ½ pounds each. It’s blooming onion time for your next picnic with organically grown onions. Outback Steakhouse publishes their beer batter recipe on their website so make it an extra special onion time. Just to top it all off we have some lovely red onions too for those great summer salads. For those of you who enjoy a great broccoli salad with red onion stop by soon. Our last bed of broccoli has been harvested as we say goodbye to many of our winter crops.

Our herb selection in the greenhouse is top notch right now with a wide selection of culinary and medicinal plants. Because we have so many cat lovers who visit the farm we have your cat’s favorite… catnip in small to gallon pots. Just a note that catnip survives the best in a hanging pot on a patio where it can be shared in small quantities. Also, there is still plenty of time to plant tomatoes. We have White Cherry, Sungold, Black Plum (heirloom) and Big Beef available for you. Don’t have a garden plot? Plant a tomato in a patio pot and enjoy hands full of cherry tomatoes.

It should be a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing you on the farm Saturday. Mother’s Day is Sunday so be creative and give her a gift basket from a local farm, the gift of continued health. Sunday is a wonderful day to visit as it is so peaceful and sometimes the giant gator is basking across the pond. Sorry to miss your visit on Sunday.

I am going fishing for Cobia.

Lee Solomon, Chief Gardener

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