As The Garden Grows

We have planted well over 300 Cassava/Yucca plants and still have a number of them to offer to friends of the farm. They are in gallon pots about three feet tall and three dollars each. Our herb selection from the greenhouse is wonderful with Trinidad thyme and the Cuban oregano available. These herbs do very well in patio pots and can be moved to a semi-shady location in August and September when it is so hot.

Our first tomatoes are turning pink and we have lots of them available for fried green tomatoes. Much to our amazement the Nevada lettuce has beautiful green leafy heads, so a lettuce tomato sandwich may be in your future. This lettuce is the most heat tolerant of all the varieties we have tested on the farm and we hope next year to grow it consistently through mid June. The Flavorburst peppers are ripening and are a delightful sweet pepper for salads. Our Vates kale is still producing tender small leaves for those who juice for green drinks.

We invite you to come and visit the vegetables, stroll through the gardens and absorb the peacefulness of the grounds. We encourage you to run away from home, pack a lunch and create a personal picnic.

See you soon.

Lee Solomon, Chief Gardener

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