As the Garden Grows 06/12/2014

The intense heat and humidity which makes you feel like your skin is leaking has reached its peak about two in the afternoon. We are in a pattern where the east and west coast winds collide to create sometimes intense thunderstorms which then cool the plants. It is revitalizing to weed and harvest in a soft rain. Better than in the heat that precedes it. Afternoon tasks on the farm include helping chop vegetables to be canned, sorting and chopping onions for Bread and Butter pickles and anything cooler than our fields. How amazing that the Summer Solstice is a week and a half away and already our gardeners wilt!

If you love stuffing or grilling peppers now is the time. We have the long, slender, sweet Marconi, wonderful for the grill. The extra large Great Stuff is a meal for two when stuffed and baked. Our Flavorburst lime green sweet pepper is refreshing in summer salads. Tomatoes are ready for fried green tomatoes. There are plenty with a rose blush to ripen on your windowsill.

We invite you to enjoy mornings on the farm before the afternoon rains set in. I look forward to seeing you.

Lee Solomon, Chief Gardener

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