As the Garden Grows


We picked, washed, and sorted the green – green peppers that is. Bins of “Great Stuff” peppers. These huge peppers, when stuffed and baked, are large enough to be a meal for two. They are four lobed and thick walled, making wonderful one half inch tall rings layered with cream cheese, olive and pimento dip, then topped with a fresh basil leaf.  The small Shishito pepper can be eaten whole including the seeds and is a welcome addition to summer salads.

As these yields are harvested, it marks the beginning, from now until first frost, when many varieties of peppers ripen for you to enjoy.

In a blink of an eye it will be July and the greenhouse staff will begin seeding for all the fall plantings and the Fall Garden Kickoff on September 6th. We will have some pepper plants available throughout the summer as well as a great selection of herbs.

On Farmstead Saturday I enjoyed conversations with gardeners about their soil and mulch. A note of caution to share with you: in the summer mulch with a light colored straw or hay. Dark colored mulches will cook/steam your vegetable roots.  Even hay can pull the moisture right out of the leaves of your transplant. Water the plant in as you plant it and soak the hay after mulching. This is best done in about five foot sections, especially with the intensity of the sun.

In winter you can mulch with decomposed leaves. Because they are brown, they will absorb and add heat to your plants. Turning freshly fallen leaves into your soil can actually remove nitrogen from your soil in the decaying process.

We invite you to come to the farm and enjoy the gardens. I look forward to seeing you then!

Lee Solomon, Chief Gardener

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