As the Garden Grows 05/06/2015

As the Garden Grows…

          What a magical weekend on the farm and each morning began with an invigorating chill in the air. The spring we never got. Saturday the lawn was covered with tents full of colorful pottery and people who enjoy the feeling of earth in their hands. There were tree people, wren houses, chopstick holders and beautiful bowls, cups and saucers among the clay.

      The Women’s First Sunday Brunch included work by two more clay artists. Stories were told about “The Wheel” warming all our hearts and once again made us take a deeper look at life.

      Lime green ”Nevada” lettuce has taken a grip on the soil and is handling the heat very well. We harvested the last of our Artisan mix on Tuesday and said our farewells to winter lettuce. Okinawa spinach has nearly filled one of the raised beds and is a delightful nutty flavored green to combine with summer salads. For everyone waiting on the first okra harvest three rows were planted last week with rows of bean varieties between what will be a green canopy of okra. Row after row of squash are now being harvested daily so stop by the farm and choose a colorful combo for your dinner plate.

See you then!



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