Farm to Fare




Our weekly Farm to Fare Subscription Basket (also known as CSA, Community Sponsored Agriculture) brings you the fresh, tasty vegetables from the field to your table.  We invite you to participate in this wonderful program.  Space is limited; contact us if you are interested in starting our CSA.

 Each week your basket will contain:

  • 5 vegetables currently in season.
  • 1 culinary herb
  • ½ to 1 dozen eggs
  • 2 recipes using the ingredients in your basket
  • 1 newsletter

Delivery Locations:

Farm Pickup- after 1PM on Wednesdays.  *Other days may be arranged.

Gainesville Locations:

  • Citizens Co-op Pickup- Tuesdays, after 3:00pm

Ocala Locations:

  • Marion County Library Pickup- Wednesdays, 2:30pm, at the library headquarters parking lot.
  • Special Delivery- Within Ocala.  Must be within our delivery area. $5 per week charge for special deliveries.


Each season for our farm to fare program runs for 13 weeks.
New Lower Membership Fee!!!

  • $50 $25 Membership fee for each season, which helps cover planting, tending and harvesting vegetables and herbs, seeds, supplies, machinery and labor costs.
  • Each basket is $25 each.  Contents cannot be altered. Extras can be added at normal prices to you. Extras need to be ordered before 2:30 on Tuesday prior to your delivery.
  • If you pay for the season in its entirety, you receive a 10% discount off of your weekly baskets.

For more information or to sign up, email or  call us.  Click here if you wish to print out the registration form off the internet to mail in with your payment.

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