Produce Listing

To Place an order of produce: call 352-595-3377 or email (Monday through Friday) and include your name, phone number and when you would like to pick it up.  Please come out to the farm any day of the week for vegetables as well, we would love to have you!
Prices are listed Per Pound
Additional items may be available, be sure to ask when you visit, or call.


TOSCANO KALE               $4.00 per pound

VATES KALE                      $4.00

SAVOY CABBAGE             $2.00

HAKUREI TURNIPS         $2.00


PURPLE KOHLRABI          $3.00

COLLARD GREENS            $2.00






































Produce Prices good through 12/30/2017 while supplies last

Please call for any new additions to this list.  Vegetables are picked daily, or we will harvest them for your order!





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