Produce Listing

To Place an order of produce: call 352-595-3377 or email (Monday through Friday) and include your name, phone number and when you would like to pick it up.
Prices are listed Per Pound
Additional items may be available, be sure to ask when you visit the farm.

Moringa Olifera                                        $4.00
Sweet Potatoe Greens                            $2.00

Okra                                                              $3.00
Shishito Peppers                                      $7.00
Malabar Spinach                                      $4.00
Cubanelle Peppers                                  $2.00
Green Peppers                                          $2.00
Produce Prices good through 09/16/2016 while supplies last.

4 Responses to Produce Listing

  1. melissa moss says:

    in the last email I got it said you hd seedlings available on your site but I can bnot find anyinfo on seedlings for sale. can you post this info please or sent it out in the new letter?
    thank you :)
    lovely site!
    it is very hadr to tell what I am typing since the fields are colored red and the font is so tiny. sorry for any errors. having a while field to type in would be a big help for leaving replies.
    thanks again,

  2. Gloria says:

    Do you have a schedule of what’s available and prices? There are several of us in my community and wondered if you do the organic food boxes to buy also ?

  3. Jeannette Kelly says:

    I am interested in events that both my 8 year old son and I can learn and live by.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Wandering what vegtables are available now. And are you only Mon-Fri ? Can you come on Saturday

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